Dina van Well, psychologist and cognitive hypnotherapist in Cambridge, Huntingdon and online.

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Could you use some support to cope with a loss, divorce, or burnout? Or do you feel it’s the right time for some self-discovery and for connecting with your emotions? Maybe you no longer genuinely smile, and you long for more authenticity in your life? Are you recovering from an illness or accident and require support to overcome this traumatic experience? Or would you like some help to clarify your goals and to build confidence and motivation?

Dina van Well

MSc, HPD, DipCHyp, CertNLP

07435 335159


“Over the course of several sessions, I spoke with Dina about some of the most challenging things I’ve experienced. She was kind, authentic, and created a very warm atmosphere for me to better understand myself and my experiences. Dina validated me and helped me process trauma from my past. She helped me feel comfortable thinking and talking about things which are inherently uncomfortable. Dina never judged me and provided suggestions and direction when I needed it, taking into account my experience and feelings. I felt comfortable being vulnerable while talking to her and I look forward to future sessions.” Jess, age 27

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