Dina van Well, psychologist and cognitive hypnotherapist in Cambridge, Huntingdon and online.

Neuro-linguistic programming was developed in the 1970s and is a psychological approach that involves modelling our unique conscious and unconscious patterns to move towards a more desirable state of being or to reach a personal goal.

I see it as an attitude of curiosity and learning about how we do what do and what makes positive changes to our unique way of being.

We all have our own perspectives that are individual and true in our own reality, however these are sometimes the very things that limit us and hold us back from living a happier life.

Once we become more aware and conscious of our ways of thinking, behaving, and responding to the events in our lives, we can adjust them by using NLP tools.

These adjustments gently and effectively lead us to our desired outcomes and new healthy habits.

I use many NLP tools in my own life and in my work with my clients.

I select methods that are likely to make the most significant difference for each individual’s unique personality and challenges.

Many of my clients have told me that practicing these methods has helped them to have more control and enjoyment in life.

“Beautiful days do not come to you.

You must walk towards them.”


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