Dina van Well, psychologist and cognitive hypnotherapist in Cambridge, Huntingdon and online.

“Over the course of several sessions, I spoke with Dina about some of the most challenging things I’ve experienced. She was kind, authentic, and created a very warm atmosphere for me to better understand myself and my experiences. Dina validated me and helped me process trauma from my past. She helped me feel comfortable thinking and talking about things which are inherently uncomfortable. Dina never judged me and provided suggestions and direction when I needed it, taking into account my experience and feelings. I felt comfortable being vulnerable while talking to her and I look forward to future sessions.”

Jess, age 27

“I was really struggling to learn to drive. I was sabotaging myself before the driving lesson appointments. I was having nightmares; I was anxious, and I couldn’t help catastrophizing about it all. I was overwhelmed by a great sense of fear deeply rooted in past traumatic episodes as a passenger in a car. Dina has helped me so much. We worked together to address the root of my fears and from there to help me process the trauma and to correct the distorted thinking I couldn’t let go of. Her deeply supportive and calming presence were both grounding and energising. She is thorough, kind, patient and a great listener. After a few sessions with Dina, the driving lessons have become an exciting appointment to attend, and I am currently booked to have the practical test soon. Thank you a million for helping me on the road to success! ”

Sandra, age 42

“Thank you very much for the sessions I had with you. They have been more helpful than I can say. I am calmer, not ruminating, sleeping much better, more ‘present’ and happier already. I have been practising the exercises. You have made a hugely significant difference to my life and I am so grateful to you.”

Sarah, age 68

“When I initially came to see Dina I was looking for help with health and fitness goals. I was overeating and unable to stick to a fitness regime. Together we explored my motivations, values and aims as well as what, specifically, was happening in my mind in those moments when I was choosing to go against my own plans. Our work together, however, went much deeper than this. Dina guided me, with patience and care, to the root of the issue. This enabled me to address the problem and, in turn, my relationship with myself head on. Since seeing Dina my relationship to food has improved, I am exercising more and I have greater self compassion. I am so grateful for the work we have done together. I hadn’t appreciated how impactful cognitive hypnotherapy could be. I would highly recommend cognitive hypnotherapy and Dina to anyone who would like help making changes in their life.”

Lucy, age 36

“I was stressed. I could not make a decision and did nothing about a draining relationship for many years. Dina helped me connect with my own needs and clarify what I wanted. She is very patient, direct, and knowledgeable. I have learnt things about myself that were not obvious to me. I have more tools to manage stress, and I am much better at taking action and not dwelling on petty problems. I felt at ease yet challenged and inspired by the whole experience. I am glad I know where to turn to for guidance and support.”

Alex, age 49

“I struggled with low self-confidence, and I came to see Dina when feeling very low. I knew it was to do with the abuse I experienced as a child. Dina showed empathy and understanding while encouraging me to move on from the haunting memories. In the beginning we spoke about my feelings and the impact the abuse had had on me. She was interested, caring and non-judgemental. As my therapy progressed, we focused more on the changes I wanted and on building my self-esteem. There were tears, laughter, shame, anger and so much relief afterwards. I always felt safe and supported. I wish I did this years ago, I’m finally free. Thank you.”

Sam, age 61

“The wound is the place

where the light enters you.”


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